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Misc. | 4th Ring Road, Enjoy the Ride... | ...الدائري الرابع ، تمتع بالرحلة - Part 7

The biggest Swiss Army knife ever produced is Swiss. It contains no fewer than 87 tools offering 141 functions. This XXL toolbox is manufactured by Wenger in Delémont, Jura Mountain, Switzerland. The Guinness World Records judges have just awarded it the title of “Most multifunctional penknife”.

It has seven blades, three types of pliers, three golf tools (club face cleaner, shoe spike wrench, and divot repair tool), 25 flat- and Phillips-head screwdrivers and bits, saws, wrenches, and more. It also has a bicycle chain rivet setter, signal whistle, 12/20-gauge shotgun choke tube tool, combination fish scaler, hook disgorger, and line guide tool, cigar-cutting scissors, laser pointer, tire-tread gauge, toothpick, tweezers, and key ring.

I have no idea why would anyone want to carry something like this in their pocket (that is if its possible), but I guess the most important thing is the KEY RING !!!! :P

Yours for $1,400 ONLY

SOURCE: Wenger

The is one of the coolest websites I have ever seen, its a time machine for websites.  The way it works is that you type any website address that you want and it will show you all the web archive pages for it, in other words, it will open up archived dates that are available and then you choose the one you want.

This is an example of a website I chose, this is the Kuwait Stock Exchange website in 29/10/2001  :P



أن من بين الرهائن الذين لا يزال مسلحون يحتجزونهم في العاصمة المالية الهندية مومباي (بومباي)، ثمان سيدات كويتيات كن في زيارة خاصة للمدينة. وقد قام المسلحون باحتجاز الكويتيات في غرفة خاصة وعاملوهن معاملة حسنة نسبيا، وسمحوا لهن بمحادثة ذويهن عبر الهاتف. وقد تأكدت  من أسماء الرهائن وعوائلهن وتحتفظ بالأسماء تجنبا لما قد يتسبب في عرقلة جهود إطلاق سراحهن.

وكان مسلحون قد قاموا بعمليات متزامنة ليلة البارحة في اماكن متفرقة بالمدينة أسفرت حسب تقارير أولية عن مقتل أكثر من ثمانين قتيلا ومئات الجرحى. وقد ركز المسلحون على الأماكن السياحية واحتجزوا ضحايا معظمهم من رعايا الدول الغربية وتحديدا الولايات المتحدة وبريطانيا



نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية الشيخ الدكتور محمد صباح السالم الصباح يتحدث للصحافيين في المقر الدائم لمنظمة المدن العربية بمنطقة الشويخ


الكويت – 27 – 11 (كونا) — قال نائب رئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزير الخارجية الشيخ الدكتور محمد صباح السالم الصباح ان وزارة الخارجية انشأت غرفة عمليات تعمل على مدار الساعة مرتبطة بصورة مباشرة بالقنصلية الكويتية في مومبي والسلطات الهندية المختصة لمواكبة مستجدات الاعمال الارهابية التى تعرضت لها مومبي الليلة الماضية.
جاء ذلك في تصريح للشيخ محمد الصباح للصحافيين عقب افتتاحه اليوم المكتب الاقليمي لبرنامج الامم المتحدة للمستوطنات البشرية ( يو.ان.هابيتات) في المقر الدائم لمنظمة المدن العربية بمنطقة الشويخ.
واكد الشيخ محمد وجود اتصالات مباشرة ومستمرة مع الحكومة والسلطات الهندية التي تدرك المسؤولية الكبيرة التي تقع على عاتقها لتأمين حماية مواطنيها والمقيمين الاجانب في مدينة مومبي .
وطمأن اهالي الرعايا الكويتيين الموجودين في مدينة مومبي الى ان ” الامور حتى الان تحت السيطرة وهناك اتصالات مستمرة مع الحكومة الهندية لتأمين سلامتهم “.
ودعا الشيخ محمد الصباح وسائل الاعلام المختلفة الى التعامل مع هذا الموضوع بدرجة عالية من المسؤولية نظرا لحساسيته مؤكدا ان هذا الموضوع ” قضية امنية بالدرجة الاولى وليس قضية اعلامية “.


I know this might not interest that many people, but I want to post a review on a painter that I have seen reviewed on one of the blogs and decided to try him out to paint my baby boy’s bedroom,Z.  The work took about 3 hours plus the clearing of the room and the plastic on floor.  The two painters were great, Mohammed Shams & Mohammed, who did a great job that I really liked.

This is the finished product (sorry about the photos, taken with my iPhone)

All Together !!!

If you want to try them out :

Mohammed Shams  97883266

Awesome Underwater MotorbikesThe best video clips are right here

I don’t think this is something new, but WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW … I want one of those !!!!

Black Friday is the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, where it is the beginning of the traditional Christmas shopping season. Since Thanksgiving falls on the fourth Thursday in November in the United States, Black Friday may be as early as the 23rd and as late as the 29th of November. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but many employees take the day off, which increases the number of potential shoppers. Retailers often decorate for the Christmas season weeks beforehand. Many retailers open very early (typically 5 am or even earlier) and offer door buster deals and loss leaders to draw people to their stores.

As you know (or just found out from your beloved & favorite Blog 4thringroad) Black Friday is almost here and everyone is getting ready for it.  It’s harder for us all the way here in Kuwait, but things have been made easier with online shopping, and to make things easier  you should check out this website that is dedicated completely for Black Friday and its wallet teaser deals.



One of our readers mentioned that there is another day that is called Cyber Monday that I haven’t mentioned …

The term Cyber Monday, a neologism invented by the National Retail Federation’s Shop.org division, refers to the Monday immediately following Black Friday, which unofficially marks the beginning of the Christmas online shopping season.

In recent years, Cyber Monday has become a busy day for online retailers, with some sites offering low prices and other promotions on that day. Like Black Friday, Cyber Monday is often wrongly said to be the busiest shopping day of the year for online shoppers, although in reality several days later in the holiday shopping season are busier.

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The reportedly biggest shopping mall in the world is now open… Dubai mall located next to Burj Dubai will boast an estimated 1200 retail stores! not to mention a walk through aquarium, an ice skating rink and offcourse a luxury 5 star hotel.. almost half the stores are now open, ill still pick the avenues over any mall in dubai any time :P they’re just too crowded! (pics from luxist)

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Z-District has reviewed it here

I wanted to do a couple of things in japan and one of the most things i was looking forward to do was going to a sumo match but unfortunately thats not possible because the sumo wrestling bastards are on a month long break!!

Also many friends were asking me to bring them the squared watermelon as a souvenir but it turns out after scouring the fruit shops of tokyo for a couple of days that it is a summer only product and it is not very much liked overhere… however i did find a pyramid looking one that costs around 100KD but its not worth it..sorry chocopic i tried!

As you know everywhere in the world smoking laws are being passed right and and left..basically making smoking almost impossible! except in kuwait offcourse where ppl really care less of any law that will be passed or did pass regarding smoking..any way this is not what i wana talk about i found out an interesting fact regarding these laws that in japan they really take this matter seriously, when i was walking in the streets of tokyo i constantly found images on the sidewalks shown below that basically mean that you will be fined if you throw a ciggarette on the ground…

and also it seems that many of the districts are smoke free period.  However places like Ginza street have you can say special outdoor smoking posts where it is permitted to smoke its like an ashtray with some instructions and stuff basically heres a pic…

so its quite fair to say that japan might be the least smoker friendly place although alot of them smoke i must say..

Off the subject: Abdulrahman check out my room view :P

Today was my first real full day off in tokyo, so i decided to go see the different sights around the city starting from the imperial gardens which are infront of the emperors house and then moving on to Nakamise street in the Asakusa district.  The special thing about this place is that its like a town where time was stopped, all the architecture dates back to the Edo period its like taking a walk back in time..you can find many souvenir shops and restaurants selling all kinds of authentic japanese clothing, samurai swords, and paintings.  Nakamise also has several temples lying around however many of them had “no photagraphy” signs i dont know why but i did get a picture of one shown here below..

After spending a while there i went up to the Akihabara district aka “Electric City” here you can find all kinds of electronics, its quite a large street with many stores selling the latest technology and make sure if you go there and see something you like to bargain th price its an experence by itself “imkaasar yabaani” naar! but in order to avoid all the headache and get a 5% international customer tax free discount i went to Yodobashi a huge electronics department store which literally has everyhting! all kinds of cameras, mobile, phones, computers in every color and shape hundreds, thousands of electronics spread over almost 8 floors! alghanim electronics as a whole is not even a fraction of its size…(bring your original passport to get the tax discount)

The place has all kinds of video games, japanese action figures like Grendizer, Mazinger and the whole gang i spent quite a while there..but the the funniest and coolest thing about the place is that in every corner of the ground floor you a have a sales person who climbs a ladder and starts shouting into a megaphone you know like the race horse commentators however apparently he is trying to sell the sections products here’s a pic of one of the guys but unfortunately its not that clear…

and finally here’s a pic of an interesting bookstore i passed by….

i just got a message that they expect heavy rains and thunder storms in Kuwait . It already started to get really cloudy. so everybody be careful driving .

The pictures were taken at 2:06pm

Fortunately today i had some spare time so i decided to go Ginza Street which fortunately is close to my hotel and to tell you the truth it is something special.  Basically Ginza St. from what i understood is the main street of Tokyo like the Champs Elysee in Paris, you can find loads of restaurants shops & boutiques from both local and international designers all scattered through out the street.  Huge department stores as big as Harrods and selfridges if not bigger are dotted throughout the area and the food halls in these department stores are crazy! they’re like markets selling all types of food that i have never seen before but very delicious; i tried various shops in Matsuia Ginza which is a premier department store there, i dont know what exactly i ate because definatley many things were lost in translation when i placed my order but it was worth the try…im guessing it was some kinda fish?

I kept walking and walking in this street which seemed never ending, and frankly i didnt want it to end i passed by car showrooms which were amazing..

then i went to the apple store which was just across the street where they had the new macbooks displayed and i got a chance to try it hands on even though it was for a short while, but at least i got a chance to try it

the great thing about this place is when your done or lets say bored of going to different shops you can just stop and stare at the hundreds of neon and LED signs theyre incredible..

One thing that i noticed while i was strolling through Ginza was that almost everybody i passby stares at me and then quickly turn their head down or look at another direction, but not in a rude manner or at least i percieve it that way mainly because i understand that that they are originally an isolated culture and the fact that an arab is in their home town  is not a common sight…but personally i look at it in a different way as i told my buddy  mo. s. on the phone today in the far side of the world im an unkown celebrity superstar!

Its been a while since i posted actually not alot but its because finally im in Tokyo! ive been dieing to come here for a while and cross it off my list of places to go and finally i did! its my second day here and i haven’t been around due to jet lag and “iltizamat el 3amal” but i had to post about a special thing that i wanted to try out for quite a while and always intrigued me, the electronic potty machine to be polite or pardon my french what I call the R.D.T. aka Royal Dumping Throne… displayed below…

Now for your info this baby packs alot of technology, first off the temperature of the seat is delicately set at 25 degrees to provide warmth for the bum the temperature offcourse can be contolled to your liking via the control panel shown below..

Other teriffic features is that the R.D.T. will do all the dirty work for you professionally guaranteeing maximum cleanliness and satisfaction while providing various options for you to choose from as shown below…

It is also worthy to mention that the potty cleans itself insuring maximum cleanliness all the time! hehe im b.s. ing but hey this thing is wicked and you should definately try it, Damn the Japanese!

Arrigato!! :P

Dozens of Egyptian workers participate in a sitـin to demand better salaries on Wednesday.

(Al Watan)

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