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Announcement | 4th Ring Road, Enjoy the Ride... | ...الدائري الرابع ، تمتع بالرحلة - Part 2

Huge fire in alsawaber complex in kuwait city … more info to follow

thanks khaled s and salman r

Update 1: MS can confirm that that it’s an apartment on fire. I hope no one’s hurt.

Update 2:

The fire department apparently have immediately controlled the fire. Great job guys!

The World Cup Fever is hitting full steam in the 4th Ring!

Apparently, the World Cup mania is not enough for the diwaniya members who wanted to take it even one step further. Thus, the 4th Ring Diwaniya World Cup was born. The brainchild of our very own MS, this World Cup, sponsored by the good guys of Soccer Scene,  is to gather 22 4th Ring diwaniya members to fight it out in a knockout tournament by playing Winning Eleven 2010 on PS3. Since we have 22 contenders it was decided to pair them up into teams of two. This would also add to the excitement since we can now be sure to see some players blaming their teammates and having heated discussions during the game :D

To make sure that this tournament is organized in a fair way, we decided to hold a public draw with three pots, the first pot is to find who the teammates are, the second pot is to designate a team for the players and the third pot is to find who their opponents are.

The draw will be made tonight and we will post more updates tomorrow, but stay tuned because we have not forgotten you, our dear readers. You will have the chance to win one of three 2010 World Cup football shirts from our sponsors Soccer Scene!

A Kuwaiti blogger FourMe is suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a form of cancer. A community of bloggers have put effort to create a website for her. www.pray44me.com

A Letter From Anony:

“Dear everyone,
Since I knew FourMe, she would always say, “ed3eeli” and my respose would be “always ;*” .. that would be my answer .. always ..
I love this Girl to death, if it was up to me I’d give her my soul, my health, even my smile. Why?
I have no idea why .. mo ygolon el ma7aba men Allah? I seriously believe Allah 7a6 ma7abat’ha eb galbe. And since you’re reading this and willing to participate then im sure 7a6 ma7aba fi globkom ba3ad. Read more

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  • Hiccup

    By 4thring Staff

Dear 4th Ring Road Readers,

We would like to apologise for the slowdown of posts in the past couple of days, we were going through technical hiccups which caused us to hold back on posting entertaining subjects which you are used to getting from us, rest assured we will get back up and running as soon as possible and give you your usual 4th Ring Road daily fix to satisfy your cravings so keep checking back for our latest updates!


4th Ring Road Staff

Its a good cause so spread the word!!!! for more info visit Ansam 518’s blog

This was taken today at GOAL’s graduates field @ 6:25pm

Update: This picture was put in the front page of Al-Watan!!

Read more

في اجتماع مطول .. وتحديدا على رصيف الدائري الرابع تحت الجسر .. قرر مجلس الأدارة بالأغلبية اعفاء الرئيس التنفيذي السابق وتعيين رئيس جديد للموقع  .. الرئيس السابق قاد فترة من الازدهار والتقدم للموقع ولكن تم اعفائه بمؤامرة اطاحت به .. هذا ويتقدم مجلس الإدارة بالشكر للرئيس السابق على خدماته في الفترة السابقة مع تمنياتنا للرئيس الجديد دوام التقدم والازدهار

The 4th Ring Road Board of Directors announced the decision to terminate the services of Mr. (O.K.) and the appointment of Mr. (AO) as the new CEO by a majority vote. Mr (O.K) was responsible for the recent success of the blog but an unfortunate conspiracy led him to the axe. The Board would like to thank Mr.(O.K.) for the valuable service over the past few months and hope the new CEO all the best.

Vote for Dina, vote for Kuwait [Link]

Fore more info go to Ansam’s blog

What is autism?”
Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them. People with autism have difficulties with everyday social interaction.

International Autism Day is the 2nd of April
This day was recognized by the united nations as an “International Autism day” since 2008 ..
Autism Marathon was one of the events that took place on march this year to help support Autism this was organized by Kuwait Center for Autism , Kuwait Autism Society and Reach Volunteer group ..
This year we will also have a booth to distribute free “ Reach Autism ” ribbons and booklets regarding autism in  360 mall and marina mall .. You can also support Autism by buying Awareness products on line through  http://hadeyastation.com where all proceeds will go to Autism children in kuwait
The November Bakerywill be supporting Autism as well , so pass by the bakery that day :)
and of course join Reach group on Face book : Link

Its Signed the deal is done and dusted and this is the picture to prove it

Thank you F.B.

اللهم اشف مرضانا وجميع مرضى المسلمين

اللهم رب الناس .. أذهب الباس .. اشف أنت الشافي .. لا شفاء الا شفائك .. شفاء لا يغادر سقما


This post will be straight to the point, it was previously posted in Buzberry and P0ach. Dear Sir, My name is Satyabrata Das husband of Jayashree Das. Jayashree Das is 33 years old ,we have a 1 daughter (aged 6 years) and 1 son (aged 1 ½ years). Jayashree Das has been unfortunately diagnosed with Blood Cancer (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia with Phidalphia Positive – ALL PH+). She is currently getting treatment at Kuwait Cancer Control Center in Kuwait. After her initial round of chemotheraphy she will be taken to TATA MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MUMBAI for further treatment She has a critical need to undergo Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) to be cured. She has two siblings and while statistically the probability of finding a suitable bone marrow match with siblings is 1 in 4.It is very saddening that none of her siblings has turned out to be match.

Read more

The sea level is increasing We are all in danger
Do something against global warming.
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