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Announcement | 4th Ring Road, Enjoy the Ride... | ...الدائري الرابع ، تمتع بالرحلة - Part 5

Alpha Dinar just unveiled their new GCC-focused financial website, and we wish them best of luck.

Here is the email we received:

We, at Alphadinar.com, are thrilled to unveil our enhanced GCC-focused
finance website. We hope that this can transform our blog into a more
sophisticated and informative website.

Listed below are the major added features:

1. Article Contribution
2. Breaking News
3. Book Recommendations
4. RSS Feed
5. Article Subscription
6. Kuwait Stock Exchange streamer

This is of course in addition to other design changes.

We encourage our readers to utilize the latest additions, especially the
article contribution feature. Although we try our best, two writers can’t
do it all. We aspire for Alpha Dinar to become a vibrant hub for
intelligent GCC-focused finance discussions. This is only possible with
your active participation and article submissions. “We invite you all to
join us in our quest for alpha.


Recently we were contacted by the Model United Nations AUK Administration requesting us to share with our readers an exciting upcoming event here’s what they want to share:

Dear Delegates,

It is our pleasure to invite you to apply for the first university level Model United Nations conference in the State of Kuwait: the American University of Kuwait’s Model United Nations Conference. The Conference will be held from 19-21 November at the American University of Kuwait.

We are eager to see newcomers as well as experienced delegates take part in lively debate in one of the three committees, the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Security Council and the General Assembly. Please check out our background guide for each committee before submitting your preferences in the application form.

Participation in this conference will require no delegate or delegation fee. Some international delegations are eligible for free travel tickets for the 3-day conference.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any inquiries. or visit the conference’s website: http://www.auk.edu.kw/munauk

The conference committee is looking forward to your participation in AUKMUN this November.

The Model United Nations at the American University of Kuwait.

So make sure to make a note in your calendars for this coming event and lets show them our support.

FootballDirecta.com is pleased to announce its 1st Annual Uefa Fantasy Football League Competition. Everyone is welcome to join. Please visit footballdirecta.com for more details! Prizes: Blackberry smartphone, Sony HD Cybershot cam and printed football shirt of your favourite team!

Its with great pleasure we announce to you that we have a new sponsor on the blog! Hüper Optik window tinting films bear the mark of excellent German technology to create the world’s first nano-ceramic solar control films. Capable of high levels of total heat rejection and UV light rejection, Hüper Optik films are also noted for its durability and energy-saving properties. The cool thing is that it wont scramble your car GPS and FM radio like other window tinting films because its ceramic based.  Now we here at the 4th Ring Road know all about Hüper Optik because most of the writers already have their product installed in their cars and are more than satisfied so when they guys came knock’n on our door for a sponsorship deal we were more than happy to partner up. Check out their location below…

Sunday night was judgement day for all women as a new woman was chosen to be the most Sophisticated, Beautiful, Charming and Talented in the entire Universe. The competition took place in the Bahamas and was judged by 12 different people.

Miss Universe

Her name is Stefania Fernandez. An 18 year old from Venezuala she enjoys swimming and tennis. She has also won different awards which include “Miss Elegance”, “Best Body” and “Best Face”. She is from mixed origin which includes Spanish, Ukranian, Russian and Polish! Shes single…

Her father is Carlos Fernandez and her mother is Nadia Krupij but sorry i couldnt get any contact #’s

Anyway please rate from 1-10 (do it after 18:20 for religious reasons)

We here at the 4th Ring would like to wish you the best in this holy month and may all your prayers be answered and we hope that you and our beloved Kuwait will always live in peace and prosperity for years and years to come… Happy Ramadan!

No he didn’t get married! After years and years of using the same nokia brick phone riding out “haba” after “haba” in Kuwait and even overcoming the latest blackberry wave our dear 4th ring writer O.K. finally made the switch to an iphone 3GS and he went for a 32GB now to us here in the 4th ring diwaniya its a really special occasion and we really want to congratulate him and wish him all the best in his new  adventure and would like to welcome him in the new technological era!!!

  • Aug '09 13

  • Back!!

    By Turismo

Hi everyone! Ive been away on vacation since june. I dicided to take a vacation from everything including the blog… But I’m back in the heat and dust that i missed so much :) stay tuned…

As you might of heard lately renowned english footbal store the “Soccer Scene” is set to open in Kuwait very soon, the store will be open in late 2009 in phase two of the Avenues Mall, for those of you who dont know about the the soccer scene and have been living under a rock for the past two decades it is the premier one stop shop for everything related to the world of football from team shirts to track suits and to celebrate this event the owners of Soccer Scene Kuwait have set up a fanatsy football league for you to join and prizes will be given out to the top 3 places follow the jump to sign up!


League Code Number:  212300-105150.

Update: you can find out more info from the people who broke the news first www.buzberry.com

First of we would like to wish Ananyah a happy birthday and we wish that she keeps on going for many years to come! we got the following email from Ananyah:

This month, ananyah.COM has been around for 6 whole years and to help celebrate this occasion, starting tomorrow, I’m giving away 6 prizes in 6 days to celebrate 6 years of blogging *throws confetti in the air* can you tell I’m in a good mood?!

Prizes up for grabs within the upcoming 6 days include:
1. A customized blog design by moi including 1 years free hosting & maintenance
2. A years Flickr Pro account worth worth $24.95
3. A £20 gift voucher from Just-Eat (UK Entries only sorry) courtesy of David Buttress
4. A signed CD by Kelis & a deluxe box set CD/DVD set of Corrine Bailey Rae live
5. 3 of my favourite French Movies on DVD
6. A handmade bath produce gift basket customized to your choice”

for more info click on the link

We always try to keep things fresh in the 4th ring but lately things have been getting a bit slow…its the summer and everybody is out of the country what do you guys expect! anyways we’ve been trying to get a hold of an up and coming self taught Kuwaiti Chef, ‘Chef ZwaiZ’ to share with us his delicous gourmet creations and we are happy to say that ‘ZwaiZ’ will post a weekly recipe for us to enjoy so lets give him a warm 4th ring welcome and keep checking back for his latest dishes.

i was checking Faisal’s blog today and i noticed one of his post is about a wanted person in Kuwait, which was posted on the MOI website. Apparently he is wanted for stealing since 2007. if you see this person or know any thing about him please call 25623888 and for more information about the criminal go to link

Ps: check out Faisal’s blog for more interesting posts

A world wide super star just died and many hearts have been broken, he died at the age of 50, just before his tour in London. Michael Jackson was a legend, his thriller album is the most album sold ever, and he is known all around the world, our maid from indonesia came to us today asking “is the guy that died the famous American singer that looked like a girl?”. Everyone has been touched by his death. I personally am a huge fan of this miracle artists since I was 10.

RIP Michael Jackson..

Majlis Al Baladi elections are two days away, unfortunately many people dont take much interest in the “Baladi” elections and year after year there is a low percentage of voters hitting the polls, now i know the baladi is not as glamorous as the parliament elections but personally i believe its just as important as the people there are responsible for the implimentation of many different legislations like:

مراقبة تنفيذ القوانين واللوائح المتعلقة بالصحة العامة والتنظيم والمباني ونزع الملكية والاستيلاء المؤقت للمنفعة العامة وتقسيم الأراضي والمحلات العامة والمقلقة للراحة والمضرة بالصحة والباعة المتجولين وإصدار التراخيص الخاصة بكل ذلك بالتعاون مع الجهات الأخرى ذات الشأن وغير ذلك من القوانين واللوائح الخاصة بمرافق البلدية العامة

تقرير المشروعات ومواقعها في شؤون العمران وتجميل المدن والقرى والجزر والطرق والشوارع والميادين وتوسعها والمجارى والحدائق والتشجير ووضع النظم الخاصة بالإعلانات وكل ما يؤدى إلى تجميل المدينة وحفظ رونقه

وضع المخططات الهيكلية العامة ، ومخططات المناطق واستحداث وتنظيم المناطق السكنية والتجارية والصناعية وغيرها ، وكذلك إجراء ما يلزم من تعديل في استعمال الأراضي

These are just some of the main tasks that the members of the municipality council undertake, so please go out and vote on Thursday 25/06/2009!

According to KTV1 news, the first case of H1N1 virus arrived with a kuwaiti guy coming from the states. its stated that it was taken care off, and he is in the hospital right now under treatment

Update: 4 cases now according to Alrai Tv

Update2: 6 cases for now, the number is increasing ala y7afethna

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