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AO's | 4th Ring Road, Enjoy the Ride... | ...الدائري الرابع ، تمتع بالرحلة - Part 7

1st of all am proud to be a Mac :) i pass by these guys (kwtmac.com) every once in a while for news and some tips & tricks, i have discovered lately that they are an apple official user group & they are the only in kuwait .
good luck guys

A strong rumor circulated around Kuwait’s investment and banking sector saying that a huge and ambitious bailout plan by the Kuwaiti government will be presented VERY soon. The bailout plan (if true) will be:

The Kuwaiti government will transfer a whopping 1.5 billion KD to the Industrial Bank of Kuwait to buy out outstanding FOREIGN loans from Kuwaiti investment companies. These loans are currently estimated to be around 3 billion KD. This bailout can also be increased to a staggering 6, yes SIX billion KD. The decision to trust the Industrial Bank might be interpreted as this bank is fully owned by the government.

There are rumors of serious meetings in the highest levels at the moment of writing this post. News might be announced shortly.

It should hopefully effect the investment sector in Kuwait positively and if announced the news will effect all Stocks in the investment sector and they will have sharp upward movement in stock prices.

I don’t know the details of this plan (again, if this is true)

Remember you heard it first here!!!!

تعليق عضوية الكويت للمرة الثالثة في 22 عاماً والثانية في اقل من عام ، جاء هذه المرة بطريقة مفتعلة ومتوقعة و  لا يشك اثنان ان الشيخ طلال الفهد زعيم اندية التكتل يتحمل جزء كبير من المسؤولية في الوصول إلى هذه الحالة المتردية واستمرار الحالة الكسيفة التي وصلت اليها الكرة الكويتية … وكذلك لا يشك اثنان ان قوانين الاصلاح الرياضي التي صدرت من مجلس الامة تضمن حقوق كافة الاندية من خلال تحقيق العدالة والمساواة بين الاندية كافة في تمثيلها

الغريب في الامر ان وزير الشؤون الاجتماعية والعمل بدر الدويلة سيقوم بتقديم اقتراح بتعديل القوانين الرياضية لمجلس الامة في جلسة هدا الاسبوع على صفة الاستعجال !!! فهل ستكون الجلسة على طريقة الاستنفار وتصفية الحسابات ليتوافق مع رغبات وأهواء الرجل الحديدي في البلد ويتم في هذه الحالة تسفيه هيبة القانون الكويتي لترتبط مصلحة القانون مع الاشخاص وليس على اساس المصالح العليا للدولة  .. ام سيكون لمن تبقى من الشرفاء وقفة لمنع هده المهزلة

بالفعل ستكون الجلسة مرحلة مفصلية في هيبة القانون … وبانتظار الجلسة .. لعل وعسى …

قصي خضر” -29 عاما- أول مغني راب سعودي الملقب بالأسطورة

hatha el introduction ma5tha men el site .. enshalla ra7 entekallam 3anna bwagt thany cuz noW Time 2 ShaaLaaih ;)

Have a nice weekend to you all

The original stand-up PWC delivers legendary Kawasaki power

For watercraft traditionalists and aquatic adventurers seeking a stand-up variety of H2O excitement, Kawasaki’s JET SKI® 800 SX-R™ personal watercraft is the answer. A modern 781cc version of the legendary original JET SKI that first ignited the personal watercraft blaze in 1973, the sizzling 800 SX-R continues to boil the water.

The root of the hoopla is its compact and powerful 781cc two-stroke twin-cylinder engine. Fed by a pair of 40mm Mikuni carburetors, this powerplant churns out 699 pounds of thrust – the most power ever offered in a production Kawasaki stand-up. A waterproof, maintenance-free Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) system with digital advance, aggressive exhaust port timing and a large-diameter exhaust pipe help the twin to produce its blistering top-end power.

More than riders will be pleased by the 800 SX-R, which uses a water jacket around the exhaust pipe to help suppress noise. The water jacket boosts its reliability by reducing underhood temperatures as well. Also helping raise reliability – while lowering maintenance efforts – is a freshwater flush fitting that fits a standard garden hose to help operators rinse out the motor’s cooling lines.

Exceptional stability and turning dexterity are trademarks of the 800 SX-R’s innovative hull design. The same stableness that enhances its rough-water handling for racers makes it easier for beginners to master stand-up riding more quickly. Its spacious footwell area gives the rider room to maneuver, vary foot placement and shift body weight. Additionally, the handlepole placement offers optimum control and comfort. A soft padding over the tray area improves rider comfort even further.

The fiberglass reinforced plastic construction of the 800 SX-R hull and top deck helps to make the hull as light as possible yet tough and damage-resistant. Extra fiberglass is also applied in key areas to further improve hull durability. Its sponsons are just under the hull/top deck bond line to enhance turning.

The rugged fiberglass material combined with the integrated foam flotation built into the deck and handlepole make the 800 SX-R virtually unsinkable. The hull’s compact size also simplifies transport and storage; it fits in the bed of a standard-sized pickup truck!

hal report eb 2006 men majallat almojtama3 which related to jam3eyat el’esla7 ..

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