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Kuwait | 4th Ring Road, Enjoy the Ride... | ...الدائري الرابع ، تمتع بالرحلة - Part 5

Zain has organized for the 7th year an exhibition for its customers. The exhibition was named ZAIN CITY for this year. Basically Zain city gathered 36 distributors and put them in one place. Lots of exciting offers and promotions were available for Zain’s customers. If you haven’t visited the wonderful city, you can go now to Kuwait fair grounds in Mishref and benefit from their offers.

and on a another note…

I was in the exhibition 2days ago and saw things that shocked me, if it’s a ZAIN event why am I seeing VIVA flyers on the floor? After asking about how come VIVA is here when its a ZAIN event? Well after asking around I got this as a conclusion. Viva representatives went to Zain city and distributed flyers containing their offers to Zain’s distributers and they asked them to join them in promoting their products and service. The cheap stunt does not end there but they even placed the flyers on the cars parked near Zain city (Mishref International Fair Grounds). The only reason I can think of that made VIVA do such a cheap stunt is that they are desperate. Yes you read it right, VIVA is desperate for customers and their cheap actions prove it. Kuwait is not used to such cheap business stunts and I strongly suggest that Kuwait Parliament’ Committee, thawaher al da5elah, look into what happened and stop those cheap stunts.

What do you guys think?

Kuwaiti Gamers have something new to rejoice about! The have been recently been awarded the chance to participate in Super Battle Opera: The 8th Arcadia Cup Tournament. Tougeki also known as S.B.O in English is an international gaming competition that only ranks the number 1 players of arcade fighting games. Games like Street Fighter, Tekken 6, Blaze Blue and etc. The people behind the movement to enter a Kuwaiti team in the competition are called the White Towers Team and if you are interested to join them simply got to their face book page and follow the instructions. for more details go to q8Geeks blog

thanks DarkWolf80s

Now this is quite an interesting offer from the good fella’s at NBK which i’m sure most of the football loving crowd will definitely find interesting: Use your NBK Visa Credit Card and enter the draw to win 1 of the 7 packages to a finals match at the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. 10 runner-ups will each receive an NBK Visa Gift card loaded with US $ 1,000.

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There is a shalaih at the end of Bnaider that is for orphans and to my surprise passing by them they changed to “shalaihat baitook” i wonder if it is still for orphans or did it change? I hope the shalaih is still for orphans and KFH are in charge of the renovation.

This was taken today at GOAL’s graduates field @ 6:25pm

Update: This picture was put in the front page of Al-Watan!!

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It takes a lot of persuasion to let me go to the Avenues mall on a weekend after dark. The reason for this is that when the sun sets in Kuwait, night creatures start to rise and prowl around in the popular malls of Kuwait. You know what I mean, the so-called ‘alien mu7ajababes’ and the spiky-haired weirdos with a fashion sense that even puts Boy George to shame. I will concentrate on the guys in this post, mu7ajababes can breathe a sigh of relief :p

I went to the Avenues to catch a movie with some friends but we were unfortunate enough to park in Phase 2 and were forced to walk the length of the mall. What we saw is just a sample of these creatures. A guy wearing skin tight black jeans, a plain white t-shirt (collarless), a shiny black sleeveless jacket AND a shiny black tie. Oh, I also forgot to mention the spiky mowhawk. Thanks, my eyes are bleeding because of you. One of my friends witnessed an attempt by a guy to impress a girl, by pulling on her hair. What are they trying to prove? Oh and add to that the new phrases, ‘fedaitik’ and whatnot.

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As you probably know by now Team SIDEKICK from Kuwait’s Sidekick Academy will be competing at the Abu Dhabi World Ju-Jitsu Championship, you can watch the team challenge for honors today at 5 pm on Abu Dhabi Sports TV or Showtime Sports.  Show your Support!


Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighters of the Sidekick Academy will be competing in the 2010 World Professional Jiu -Jitsu Cup in Abu Dhabi. Eight fighters from the Academy will travel to Abu Dhabi to challenge for honors and compete against 300 of the worlds top athletes at the 3 day event held on the 15, 16, and 17 of April. The Sidekick Academy is a world class mixed martial arts academy with a state of the art training facility run by Kuwait’s very own Martial Arts Champion and MMA expert Abdulmohsen Al Babtain. So show your support by either traveling with them to Abu Dhabi, or go check out their training sessions in their new training facility or even just give’m a call!!!

Telephone: 99975562

Email: info@sidekickacademy.com


P.S. : Team Sidekick members are listed on the Academy’s website

Public Works Ministry are working to improve Second, Third ring roads which is a welcome improvement but i hope they work on the 4thRingRoad first!!


I just heard about this new web site coming in Kuwait No5itha, an online directory for all businesses here in Kuwait. the site will be launched very soon, they are offering FREE registrations for businesses now. anyone there who wants to register just go to their website and register your business with 4 little steps.

Choosing between the categories below:
- Kuwaiti Boutique (Small businesses)
- Medical Service
- Lawyers & Legal Services
- Internet, Media & Print
- Car Services
- Food & Restaurants
- Spas & Health clubs
- Travel Agencies
- Rent

I really encourage any business man/women to check it out & register :), i think its a cool thing to have in Kuwait as everything is getting electronic now a days :)

Link: [No5itha]

FB Link: No5itha

  • Apr '10 04

  • Q8place

    By Abdulrahman

Have you ever wanted an apartment or office and you didn’t know where to go? Well Q8place.com is your solution! www.Q8place.com offers its visitors an easy way to access the real estate market in Kuwait. They offer rent, purchasing and the selling of real estate. If you want an apartment, house, office, etc. you will find it here. The concept is to offer people a simplified way in searching for their real estate needs in a user friendly environment. This website will be useful for all people expats, couples and real estate owners.

Please check them out: www.q8place.com

Good news for Starbucks fans who live in Nuzha, last night i passed by their new branch and it looks like it will open soon…. the great thing about it is that there is a drive through section which will be great for passing by before going to work.

We unfortunately had a shortage of drivers and lots of lazy lads in the 4thring Diwaniya …. somehow we all had a craving for some Johnny Rockets burgers, rocket wings, and some good old fashioned chili cheese fries on the side and no one wanted to go and pick us up some food from our buddy Johnny so a genius in the Diwaniya came up with the bright idea of calling Mr. Delivery a new service where a delivery car picks up anything from anywhere and delivers it to you… to make a long story short the service was pretty good, they were fast,with no complications, they pick up the tab and bring it to you and most importantly we got our food hot & fresh … the service cost KWD 2, so when your out of options and craving some munchies or  want something from anywhere give’m a call: 22494944

picture taken from Mebloging

We posted earlier that Alshaya group is going to bring Victoria’s Secret to Kuwait,Victoria’s Secret representatives contacted us two weeks ago to tell us that they are going to open soon… However it seems that they only opened up a small section at Debenhams Avenues , and according to Mebloging she says that they have a small collection like pajamas, underwear, accessories, and perfumes, she also managed to take some picture click [here]

these are exclusive pics of the un-docking of the new Nissan Patrol 2010 and this thing looks like a beast it is beautiful!!

Click below for more pics
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